{Love makes a family- Knox’s Adoption} Kentucky Newborn Photographer

I have photographed several baby’s that were adopted, and it is so moving to see the connection between the momma’s and their baby, as if God had created that baby specifically for them. I truly believe that! I absolutely love my job, and photographing the new moments, the memories turned into art that you’ll cherish forever!

When Tori contacted me to let me know they would be adopting their son and inquired about scheduling his Newborn Session, I was so honored she’d chosen me and couldn’t wait to capture them with their new blessing! I asked Tori to write a few words about their journey in adoption, and i’ve also included some of our favorites from their session! Enjoy!

“However motherhood comes to you — it’s a miracle.” -Unknown

I knew from an incredibly early age (9, to be exact) that God had called me to adopt.
In 2000, as a nine-year-old, I went to Nairobi, Kenya, Africa to serve as a missionary for two weeks. To make a long story short, I fell in love with the children there. Despite the fact that I was a child myself, I truly felt that my calling in life would definitely involve taking care of children.

When I met my husband in 2012, he told me that he had always dreamed of adopting a child. We both knew then that adoption would become a reality in our future. It was truly just a matter of time.

Tyler and I were married in 2014. We wasted no time trying to start a family. Unfortunately, we faced months of infertility issues. We were told that the only chance we had of conceiving, was if the good Lord performed a miracle.
As always, He provided! Our son, Nash, was born on July 8th, 2015!

After Nash’s first birthday, we decided that we wanted to be able to give him a sibling. We both began praying daily about the situation. The good Lord instructed us that it was time to adopt! He heard our prayers, knew our hearts’ desires, and would provide – just like He had before.

On March 14th, 2017, we announced to our family, friends, and community that we would be starting the process of adoption. Though most of the responses were positive ones, there were also lots of questions and even some negativity. We didn’t have all of the answers but we trusted God’s plan.

We were contacted by our birthmother just two short months later! She had found out about us via a mutual friend.

Our son, Knox Abel Warren, was born on September 25th, 2017! He is the strongest, bravest, most loving little boy to ever be born. He is a miracle.
Our home feels so much more complete since Knox’s arrival. He truly was the missing piece to our family. Believe me when I say this… love makes a family.
Nothing other than love.

-Tori; Knox & Nash’s momma

Reflections By Talea Photography
Owensboro, KY



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