{Hazel-54 days old} Newborn Puppy Photoshoot- Owensboro Newborn Photographer


After having 2 kids, both being boys, and of course my fiance, that makes 3 males in the house, so we knew I needed a girl!

Meet Hazel, our new baby girl, a standard red F1 Goldendoodle! She was born January 17, and just came home with us Saturday at almost 8 weeks old, weighing about 11 lbs! She is named after my late mammaw Hazel, which ironically the day they scheduled puppy delivery for was on my mammaw’s birthday, so it was yet another sign to give her that name.

With being a professional newborn photographer, I couldn’t resist taking my new ‘baby girl’ puppy into the studio to do her own newborn puppy photo shoot! The boys’ were watching a basketball game and we had played hard with Hazel so I knew nap time was near. I drove to the studio in downtown Owensboro, just she and I, and attempted a session with her!

The moment I started wrapping her she immediately went to sleep and snoozed away the entire rest of the session! She let me move her, pose her big paws,  switch props, put tiebacks and a floral crown on her and only peeped her eyes open once, which I got a quick shot of, included below! The macro shots are another favorite of mine, especially her long eyelashes, and a few where she sort of posed herself getting cozy!

We are so excited to welcome our ‘dog daughter’ into the family, and can’t wait to watch her personality, size & coat grow! I had too much fun doing this photo shoot with her (clearly!), and glad I snapped a quick self-portrait with her at the end. That was the hardest part of doing these by myself, however a few turned out thankfully! We already love this girl so much! Be prepared for more photo shoots as she grows, and you can follow her on Instagram @HazelDoodlePup for more cuteness as she grows and fluffs out. ❤

Introducing; Hazel.



7 thoughts on “{Hazel-54 days old} Newborn Puppy Photoshoot- Owensboro Newborn Photographer

  1. My daughter is bringing home Hazel’s sister on Friday. I better go out and buy some bows. These are absolutely precious. Thanks for sharing.

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