{Andrew-16 days-Adoption is love} Owensboro Newborn Photographer

I have had the pleasure of working with several families that have adopted their blessings, and every time I am just in awe of the love they have and the courage to get to that point! Adoption is beautiful, but I don’t think it ever comes easily. Allison (Andrew’s momma) had contacted me interested in booking me for a potential newborn session, but had informed me that they were adopting so they needed flexibility. Of course, I understood and prayed that all would work as they had planned!

I remember the day she emailed me to let me know they had made the trip for baby girl’s birth, only to have the birth mother change her mind once she delivered. I was heartbroken for Allison & her husband, Jay. No words at that time can heal, but I just prayed that their blessing would happen soon!

Fast forward a few months and she emailed me to let me know they were matched again, and we put the tentative due date on the schedule. I cannot imagine the anxiousness they must’ve felt those several months leading up, but their faith stayed strong! I was so happy when I got the message that the baby was born and in their arms!! We scheduled his session for the day after they returned back to Kentucky and he was amazing! Perfect in every way and rocked his session.

In talking with Andrew’s momma at her Premiere Ordering Appointment, we talked more about the process they had gone through, and that’s when she told me how this miracle happened! To make a long story short (i’ll try!), while they were out of state and the birth mother had decided to keep her baby, Allison & Jay received a call that another potential birth mother wanted to meet them! They had just gone through an emotional rollercoaster, but went for it and drove an hour to meet the expecting mom. All I can say is what a BLESSING!! They got the call the next day I believe, that she chose them as the adopting parents! I had goosebumps as she told me, to think after the loss they were feeling, to being matched for a baby boy so soon, God is SO good and He knew the plan! ❤

Say hello to their little blessing; Andrew:

Here are a few words Andrew’s dad wrote about their adoption process:

“It is difficult to articulate the impact that adoption has had on our lives, but I will attempt to convey our story as best I can.  Allison and I have been together for nearly 10 years now.  We’ve shared many amazing life experiences, and our marriage truly brings us happiness, joy, fulfillment and love in a way I cannot express in words.  We’ve always known we wanted to be parents.  We were both fortunate to be raised in big, loving families, and we wanted to be able to experience the same joys our parents had.

            Our journey to parenthood took us through a circuitous, and at times, painful path.  Navigating the process of adoption requires full dedication and strength of commitment from both partners.  Though our story has not been without its difficult days, we always remained deeply devoted to our dream of being parents.  Every second we spend with our beautiful, perfect son, we are reminded that the setbacks, obstacles, and heartbreaks we encountered along the way do not begin to compare to the joy and fulfillment parenthood brings us.”


Reflections By Talea Photography
Owensboro, KY
Specializing in Newborns, Baby’s & Families


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