{Ella Grace- 7 days old} Owensboro, KY Newborn Photographer

Sometimes we meet people and it just seems like fate! I met Kristin in the baby aisles of Target, she noticed my brand new baby (he was 12 days old at the time I believe!) and of course I noticed her expecting bump and she was being induced the very next day! We then talked for about 15 minutes, about labor & babies, and come to find out we had the same dr! Kristin had been debating how to go about the induction and I shared my birth story with her briefly and she felt so relieved and it helped her to be more prepared as well! She told me right there in the Target aisle that she felt like she met me for a reason that day, and I knew i’d met an amazing new friend in her!

Kristin brought her brand new baby and family of 5 to my studio when the little one was just 3 days old for some family pictures before her husband had to go out of town for work. We all knew we had our work cut out with the little ones ages (4, 18 months and 3 days old!) but we got some precious images!! She then brought her back around 1 week old for some sibling shots and individuals of miss Ella Grace. I absolutely cannot wait to see their large mounted wall print of the sibling shot!

Congrats to the new family of 5!

Owensboro, KY Newborn Photographer





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