{The Brown Twins- 12 days old}

These sweet new babies came to the studio at just 12 days new, and rocked their newborn session! I had my awesome sister, Jill, as my newborn assistant so that we could calm both babies and keep them snuggled and happy. She was such a big help during this shoot and as a mother herself, amazing with these new babies! Here is a behind the scenes shot of us posing Mr. Jack & Miss Graecyn:


Photographing newborns is a task in itself, but is a task I love! Photographing newborn twins is even more challenging with posing two babies together, keeping both sleepy and happy, and trying to keep them posed nicely hehe. These two were so awesome though, you could tell they were in sync and already have that insanely special bond.
twin newborns in bowling green

After their session, I was so excited to browse through their images, but one in particular I was really excited to get to the computer to look and edit! I had tried something new, and fell in love with it! I did a final edit and submitted it to an International Newborn Photographer site I am listed with. They must have loved the images of these babies as well, as it was published via Newborn Magazine and was an Editors Choice! This was such an awesome feeling, and these adorable twins helped accomplish that.
(Sorry for the poor quality, it was resized to submit and resized on their post as well.)

I always encourage parents to bring any sentimental items or things to do with their hobbies, favorite sports or their careers. Although I have a studio FULL of props for a full session, it is always nice to incorporate something sentimental and special! Mom and dad brought in their baseball & softball gloves, so we put him in dads and her in moms and it turned out great! 



I am so thankful to have such amazing clients who choose me to photograph their precious newborns, and trust in me to create art they can treasure forever. It was so much fun photographing these twins and I hope to have them in the studio again for a milestone session! 

If you are interested in booking with us, we specialize in Newborns, Babies & Children, and you can find more information on our website; http://www.ReflectionsByTalea.com. Our studio is located in Bowling Green, KY, however we also offer on location currently in Nashville, TN! We would love to hear from you!


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