Props, Backdrops, and Hats oh my!!!

Hey there!

I am really going to try writing more on my blog, and possibly post extra sneak peeks every now and then of certain sessions on here! So be on the lookout, i’ve got lots of newborns and babies coming in this week! 🙂

I like to keep my studio fresh and new, I have so many clients who do my Baby’s First Year Collection and come for a session every 3 months, therefore I am always adding new stuff for my awesome repeat clients! It is also important to me, to provide my clients with EVERYTHING they need for a session! So many photographers require you to bring your own items and props, but with us, you can literally show up with just the baby and we can create a full session using the items/props/backdrops/hats/bow/rompers/diaper covers/ties ect available in our studio! We have also revamped the changing/feeding room for the moms! We have a private room for new moms to feed your baby, and have a changing station stocked with diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and powder! One other thing we have recently added that I am very excited about is a Keurig! 🙂 When you come in for your session, sit back and relax with a hot cup of coffee!  

I am so excited for some items coming to the studio soon! We have 6 new backdrops on the way on top of the 4 new ones we just got in January! We also just got in a TON of new hats, bonnets, headbands, overalls ect from our favorite vendor; Precious Moments Crochet Design! ( We also have some adorable new princess crowns for the newborn girls. New buckets and baskets. We also have new colors in for the newborn backdrops and more ordered! SO many new things to be excited about for myself and my clients! 

You deserve new and fresh, and plenty of options provided for you! Contact us to schedule your next appointment! 


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