-The Adoption of sweet Morgan-

I had the absolute honor of photographing miss Morgan, a week after her mommy and daddy were able to bring her home to KY, all the way from FL! The journey this couple has been through, and the faith they kept strong the entire time, is so inspiring and uplifting! To see God bless them, is so amazing and I know they are just over the moon in love with this precious baby girl! She came to my studio at exactly 3 weeks old, and once she gave in to sleep, she absolutely rocked every pose and prop we did! Below is the adoption story, written by her parents, and some images from our session together! 


“When I think back on the past two years and everything my husband and I have gone through, it almost doesn’t seem real. Especially when I look in the eyes of our precious daughter. We started talking about adoption back in August of 2011. When we talked to our adoption agency and found out all the money and steps that would be involved, it seemed overwhelming. But we tackled it all as best and as quickly as we could. Online portfolio – check. Background checks – check. Reference letters – check. Homestudy – check. Video profile with interviews from family – check. Everyone who saw our portfolio and video said that we would be matched with a birth mother in no time. After all, who could resist a family that goes to Disney World once or twice a year? We actually allowed ourselves to believe that it would be a quick and easy process. Boy, were we ever wrong. The first year went by and we became disheartened when we had to renew our background checks and homestudy again. Another Christmas was approaching – was it really going to be just the two of us again? Then in February of 2013, we finally got a call. We were matched with a mother having a baby boy in Louisiana. We celebrated and praised God but ultimately, it was not meant to be. She backed out of the match and we were back to waiting. And waiting. I tried to be strong but nights were the hardest for me when I was alone with my thoughts. And my doubts. Maybe God was telling me I wasn’t meant to be a mother. May 10th was the due date of our first match and we dreaded that day. On May 9th my phone rang. A birth mother in Florida had chosen us to be parents for her precious baby, who we were to find out several weeks later was going to be a girl. This match was totally different. It felt like God was telling us that this was the one. After all our months of praying, waiting, tears and doubts, on July 12th, Morgan Lacie was born. The moment we laid eyes on her, we knew that every single moment was worth it. Every hoop we jumped through, every check we signed, every form we filled out. All of it led to the moment that she was in our arms for the very first time. As usual, God’s plan was the perfect plan. It might not have happened as quickly as we would’ve like and we certainly ran into quite a few bumps in the road, but Morgan was at the end of that road. And I would travel it again in a heartbeat if I knew that she was going to be at the end of it. She is our heart, our love, our life.”     



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