2013 Easter Mini’s – Thats a wrap!

2013 Easter Mini's - Thats a wrap!

Saturday March 16 I held my 2013 Easter Mini Sessions and they were a blast! In 2011 I had a live baby lamb and it was such a hit, so I knew I wanted to do these in the new studio. Then of course, why not throw 2 bunnies into the mix as well?

I had many previous clients come, and a few new faces as well which is always nice meeting new clients! I am so happy with the way each session went so smoothly, and the kids loved the animals, for the most part! 🙂 Oreo the lamb did really well and surprised me with how still he stayed around the children. The bunnies were awesome and looked adorable! I wish we could’ve done these for longer, but a huge thanks to all the clients who booked their session for the one day event with the animals!

Thank you to ALL who came…my clients make it possible for me to continue photography and offering specials like this! A special thank you to Nate for helping me with the animals for each session, thank you to Jill & Gaynell for bringing the animals and getting them home safely, thank you to Barry for finding the lamb and bunnies and working with them for weeks prior to tame them, and thank you to Oreo the lamb and the 2 bunnies for being so great! Also, a huge thank you to all of my fans, you keep me believing in growing this business more and more and coming up with new creative ideas to stay unique in this industry!



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