The wish list of a photographer!

I am feeling pretty excited about this blog, as I will be able to connect with my clients, fans and future clients, keep them updated, and also vent a little! My goal with this blog is to be completely RAW (no pun intended- photogs!) and open! All of my fellow professional photographers will agree when I say there is more to a photography business then just a “nice camera”. But the gear is necessary for us to stay at the top and produce the best quality, and to help us capture our creative ideas! I honestly don’t think clients realize just how much money goes into the equipment alone for a professional photographer, and that isn’t counting all the cost just to running a legit business (legal paperwork, licenses, studio costs, software, education ect). I will be the first to say I am not the cheapest photographer around, but I am professional, I offer a custom experience for my clients, I am able to give them one on one attention and appreciation, and I continue to strive to get better and better, to give my clients the best quality and products! As you know, I opened a storefront studio on Scottsville Rd here in Bowling Green, KY just down from the mall back in Sept 2012, and I am SO blessed for that! I have continued adding to my prop collection (I should probably chill out for a bit there!), have added many new backdrops, and now I want to add to my equipment! Especially with shooting weddings, we offer two photographers, and I am upgrading our equipment yet again! I’m dreaming of adding a Canon 5D Mark III, and a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L lens.  As for now, I have fulfilled one wish…I am now registered for a week long photography school in Texas! Now that I have the studio and have found the sessions my heart and soul belong to, it’s time to further my education and knowledge and continue to better myself in this business!! This business is not cheap, by any means, but it is important to me to give my clients amazing photos, high quality products, and a unique style for any session type they need! The last thing on my wish list right now…having YOU as my next client!! 🙂


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