New Studio. New Experience. New Year.

2012 held alot of big changes for my business. I opened Reflections By Talea in May of 2008 in Beaver Dam, KY, and over the last 4.5 years I have been trying to achieve the level I want my business to be at, along with the experience I want to give my clients. I always had this big dream of opening an actual storefront studio, and in September of 2012 I finally did that! I picked up and moved to Bowling Green, KY, where I then had to decide how I would continue my dream job of being a photographer, and where would I do this? I quickly realized my only real option was to get a studio! After lots of prayers, stresses, overthinking, and flipping a coin 3 times that said “Garage” on one side and “Studio” on the other (and all 3 landed on studio!), I jumped in with both feet and went for it! I found the perfect location, the perfect studio size for me, and I dove in head first! I was so blessed to have previous clients continue to come to me, even with me opening a studio 1 hr+ away from them. It showed me how amazing my clients are, and that they appreciate my work! I also started to get new clients, and clients I have become friends with, and it is such a blessing to me!

With getting the studio, I have had to make alot of big changes in my business, but I have also made changes for my clients as well. I give my clients a full experience, beginning to end. I am very easy to talk to, work with, and I make sure I please each and every client! With 2013, I have decided to limit the number of sessions I will book per month, along with limiting the number of weddings we will book. Quality over quantity. That is so key. In my past years, I have stayed so slammed with so many clients that I would have to make them wait longer then usual to view their images, or to process their order and get their prints back to them, and I feel I wasnt able to treat each client with the special attention they deserve from me. Over the past few months I have seen it is so much better, for my business and what I am going for, to limit my sessions and concentrate more on YOU! I am a Custom Photography studio, I am giving you a custom experience, and capturing memories that you will hold onto for the rest of your life! You deserve my full attention, you deserve to feel special, and you deserve a set time frame for each step! I take on nearly any session and have shot most styles, but I do feel that my heart and soul is in Newborn & Baby Photography, along with toddlers, children, engagements and weddings. I have BIG plans for an end product from my 2013 newborn sessions, but I will keep that top secret for now! Let’s just say, if you book your newborn session ahead of time and want in on the end product, we will discuss details for your session! 🙂

So, I end with, Happy New Year to my fans and clients! I look forward to photographing you, or even just getting to know you for a future session. Please don’t ever hesitate to ask me any questions, that is what I am here for! 2013 is going to be a great year, I can just feel it! I have a studio just down from the Mall here in Bowling Green, I am still getting the studio organized how I want it but it is getting there, I have amazing clients and am so excited to meet the new ones, my goal is to continue this blog to share with you, vent sometimes ;), show you adorable sneak peeks, and just update you on what is going on with Reflections By Talea! This is our 5th year of business and I couldn’t be more excited about the changes made, and being a custom boutique photography studio, giving you the full experience and custom photography you deserve! Hello 2013!

P.S- All January sessions will receive 30% OFF your order! Email me at to book your session!


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