{Pillow fight gender reveal…it’s a…}

I met Janna a few years ago and photographed their 2nd baby’s newborn & first year! We quickly became great friends & with her oldest son being the same age as my youngest, play dates were a must and still are! ❤

When they told me they are expecting baby #3 I was so excited, and with their first two being boys, I couldn’t wait to find out what #3 was!

I brainstormed a fun & unique way to do a Gender Reveal Photoshoot with them and my vision came to life today in the downtown studio!!
I’ll let the photos tell the story…


It’s baby BOY #3!!! ❤

Congrats Justin & Janna! Cannot wait to capture more memories of another sweet boy!



{Love makes a family- Knox’s Adoption} Kentucky Newborn Photographer

I have photographed several baby’s that were adopted, and it is so moving to see the connection between the momma’s and their baby, as if God had created that baby specifically for them. I truly believe that! I absolutely love my job, and photographing the new moments, the memories turned into art that you’ll cherish forever!

When Tori contacted me to let me know they would be adopting their son and inquired about scheduling his Newborn Session, I was so honored she’d chosen me and couldn’t wait to capture them with their new blessing! I asked Tori to write a few words about their journey in adoption, and i’ve also included some of our favorites from their session! Enjoy!

“However motherhood comes to you — it’s a miracle.” -Unknown

I knew from an incredibly early age (9, to be exact) that God had called me to adopt.
In 2000, as a nine-year-old, I went to Nairobi, Kenya, Africa to serve as a missionary for two weeks. To make a long story short, I fell in love with the children there. Despite the fact that I was a child myself, I truly felt that my calling in life would definitely involve taking care of children.

When I met my husband in 2012, he told me that he had always dreamed of adopting a child. We both knew then that adoption would become a reality in our future. It was truly just a matter of time.

Tyler and I were married in 2014. We wasted no time trying to start a family. Unfortunately, we faced months of infertility issues. We were told that the only chance we had of conceiving, was if the good Lord performed a miracle.
As always, He provided! Our son, Nash, was born on July 8th, 2015!

After Nash’s first birthday, we decided that we wanted to be able to give him a sibling. We both began praying daily about the situation. The good Lord instructed us that it was time to adopt! He heard our prayers, knew our hearts’ desires, and would provide – just like He had before.

On March 14th, 2017, we announced to our family, friends, and community that we would be starting the process of adoption. Though most of the responses were positive ones, there were also lots of questions and even some negativity. We didn’t have all of the answers but we trusted God’s plan.

We were contacted by our birthmother just two short months later! She had found out about us via a mutual friend.

Our son, Knox Abel Warren, was born on September 25th, 2017! He is the strongest, bravest, most loving little boy to ever be born. He is a miracle.
Our home feels so much more complete since Knox’s arrival. He truly was the missing piece to our family. Believe me when I say this… love makes a family.
Nothing other than love.

-Tori; Knox & Nash’s momma

Reflections By Talea Photography
Owensboro, KY


{The Browning Family}

It’s November and i’m already planning a New Years resolution…to blog more! I am thankful to stay busy, and of course my top priority is my clients; Sessions, Ordering, editing for orders, placing those, and getting everything back to the client in our preferred turnaround. Our Collections include some digitals as well that clients can of course share online, but I am hoping to find some time to blog favorites as well!

For tonight, may the Browning family’s Christmas Session bring some smiles to your face! This is my gorgeous sister and her family, and they are always a breeze to photograph. ❤

Reflections By Talea Photography
Owensboro, KY

{Magical Santa Sessions 2017}

Ho Ho Ho!
Santa & Mrs. Claus are coming to Reflections By Talea Photography studio!

We found the REAL Santa and are offering one-on-one Santa Sessions! We’ll have very limited availability for these, as you know he is a busy man making toys and prepping for Christmas!

Skip the lines with the fake beards and rushed public visit. You can book a private time in our studio for your child(ren) to hang out with Santa & Mrs. Claus one-on-one, whisper to him what they are wishing for this year, sing songs and do fun photos with him & his bag of hats! We will also have cookies & refreshments, since we know Santa loves cookies too!


Santa Sessions will last approximately 10 minutes, however I will take the time needed to ensure gorgeous images of this experience for you to cherish forever! Talea will hand pick the best images from your session (candids as well!), delivering a minimum of 3+ digitals to you with print release. Digital downloads will be sent via email within 10 days of your Santa Session! You’ll also receive 10% off prints and products, if you’d like to order Gift Prints, Luxe Metal Ornaments, Christmas Cards ect with us!

Santa Session + 3+ Digitals: $150
Booking Form:  Click Here for Santa Session Booking Form
Only 8 spots available!
(Babies, children & siblings only. Please book 2 spots if you have 5 or more children to ensure time for individuals ect!)

Serving Owensboro, KY and surrounding areas

{Emmaline & Lillian- 10 days old} Kentucky Newborn Twin Photographer

Having photographed these sweet girls’ big brother’s newborn photos 2 years prior, I was so excited when momma told me she was expecting twins!! Two girls, how fun!

They now live 3 hours from our studio, so I was very thankful they made the trip just 10 days after the girls were born to have me photograph them! They were absolutely gorgeous & rocked their session. I couldn’t get over how different they look, both beautiful as can be!

Meet Emmaline & Lillian


{Home sweet home birth}


The Birth of Justus

Lacey had inquired about having me photograph her birth, and of course I was honored she chose me to capture such an amazing, intimate moment. She continued on to tell me they planned for a natural home water birth,  this being her second one too. I was anxious as we’d scheduled our Spring Break vacation which would be 2 weeks after her due date and you just never know when baby will decide it’s time! With that, we still booked the birth and prayed baby would decide to come before then. Thankfully we live only 10 minutes apart, and I had the availability to be on-call!

8 days after her due date, I got the text! Labor was officially happening. I went ahead with my morning session and moved the afternoon around since I was on ‘baby-time’, and just as I finished up at the studio, I got the text…8 cm! I went straight over to begin photographing the laboring and about 2 hours later Lacey gave birth to another baby BOY!

She was absolutely amazing and so strong during the labor & birth. I was honored to be there to document that moment in time for them to cherish forever! There were many powerful images for them to forever look back on, but with Lacey & Justin’s permission we chose these to share a glimpse with you all! ❤



A few beautiful words from her husband:

Not only does this act display the power of a woman, but also the grace which God gives to all.  Home birthing is not for everyone, but the act of child birthing itself is an illustration of a woman’s dedication to mankind and the love to create a family.

I am blessed to be able to witness and to take part of the birth of our child.  Watching my wife take upon the challenge of birthing both our children have left me honored to be her husband.  I have the upmost love and respect for her that will endure a lifetime.  To praise my wife and women as a whole does not give it justice.

During pregnancy and labor, we have been easily humbled.  Its without question that God and His angels are present and orchestrating it all.  Watching her struggle mentally and physically, I knew she could not do this alone.  My encouragement and aid fell short to the strength and power endured by her during this process. As the birth became close and closer, God made sure his glory was known.  Seeing the baby for the first time confirmed our hopes and prayers – God is faithful.

I also know there are women in which are unable to have children – this does not take away the power and strength which is in all women. I have been able to witness just a small glimpse of this power and strength the Lord has blessed all women with.  I deeply pray that if it be His will, He will bless those whom have struggled to conceive and bring forth child. 

We are so thankful. All glory and honor is His – praise to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for without Him we are all lost.

Mark 11:24, James 1:6 1 Timothy 1:1, John 15:7-8